Who is Bob From Bama?

Well my name is Bobby Wiggins and I was born in Mobile, AL where I lived until the age of 17. I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Before leaving the Navy, the internet was released opened to the public on August 6, 1990 where I believe my entrepreneurial journey selling miscellaneous items on what at the time was referred to as Electronic Bulletin Boards a crud from of what we call today Forums.

In 1994 eBay was formed, On this venue, I achieved the prestige of an eBay PowerSeller. The revenue, I earned from eBay business I was able to acquired a Mexican Food restaurant called El Toro Taco located in Millington TN. I continued expanding my online business, and in 1995 I started BIZ2001.com a web-hosting services business design to help to individuals and small businesses get there first domains and create their online presence.

In 1999, I joined FlashNet Communications. FlashNet was a network marketing opportunity that provided low-cost dial-up internet services. The financial benefits created an exciting time for my business and complemented on domain services. FlashNet experienced enormous growth and sales drawing attention from Prodigy who purchased FlashNet in 2000.

In 1996 I acquired an existing Pager/Beeper store. Over the course of 4 years, I expanded it to multiple locations selling it in 2002 to explore other opportunities.

Over the years I have owned many Brick & Mortar businesses and promoted all of my businesses on the Internet. During this time I became more involved in network and affiliate marketing. In 2002 I sold BIZ2001.com devoting my time to Internet Marketing founding several online domain presence.

In a nutshell, I enjoy internet, affiliate and network marketing to the point I elected to pursue full-time leaving the Brick and Mortar behind. Now being perfectly honest and transparent I was not making the income I did in my eBay business but one thing was for sure as I did not want to go back to Marketing, Picking, Packing and Shipping physical products ion eBay again.

I decided to find a coach. So I look at some of the most successful Marketers who were selling there on digital products online and decided to reach send an email to several and ask them if they had a coach. I made this a priority, so I emailed roughly 50 successful marketers to see if any one would write me back. Well, to my surprise I received about 7 responses from the 50 emails sent to various marketers.

Five of the seven replies recommended the same person; that being John Thornhill. These five all stated that they had been coached by John and by following his principles from the Partnership To Success training and by doing so were able to began building profitable online business. Another point was made in several of the emails was that this isn’t just a program, this in a true partnership where all members support each other both during the training, the product creation, and all members promote other members product launches including John Thornhill himself.

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