This is my first post on my new site and you may have stumbled onto this post while searching for more information about John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success program.

No matter how you found it, You in a Great Place Now! please read on as I would love to share with you my own personal experience in the Partnership To Success program.

Come Join Me and other Partners on this Journey Through Partnership To Success!

I’ve been a member since 2017 and this year I decided to start the training over completely.  You’re probably asking why would You do that Bobby? Well in late 2018, I was challenged during a internet mastermind event by a few of the presenters after always responding with “Roll Tide Roll” or “Go Bama” when I got a golden nugget of information presented.  So they said since obviously I am a “Bama Fan” (born and raised) they challenged to change my old blog and rebrand myself as “Bob From Bama”. So, I accepted  the challenge and that’s were was born.

I’m currently going through the Partnership To Success program once again which honestly has had several updates added since my first time through the training that I had not yet reviewed. 

Partnership To Success has helped me as well as many others over the years, go on to have true success in a numerous ways online.

So, You probably asking yourself right now, What is the Partnership To Success program. The Partnership to Success program is a 52-week program that takes people from all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to seasoned marketers through the step by step process of setting up your own blog website like this one. It doesn’t stop there; you’ll then be to learn and develop your very own digital products to sell online.

Partnership To Success has helped me as well as many others over the years, go on to have true success in a numerous ways online.

I have continued to keep my access to this program as it is truly a Partnership, one that I appreciate as it has been extremely helpful to have not only a mentor, but a partnership of like-minded people who work together reach the end results of having their own digital products to sale and have a team of partners to help promote your products as well as you helping to promote theirs.

The training consists of short and concise videos where John takes you step-by-step showing exactly how to complete each step. So it is so simple, but if you make a mistake all you do is replay the video and complete the step over but I recommend just pausing the video as you complete the instructions in each step as John shows you on each video training module.

John presents in a very clear and simple teaching method, he’s thorough too so you will not be left wondering what to do even if you are a total newbie to Internet Marketing with no prior technical experience online. However, help is always at hand. So if you do need any support, John and other partners are here to help you and they’ll make sure you get the answers you need asap.

So you should never be stuck for long on any issue as they will always there to help you achieve the  next step of your journey.

As I mentioned previously  the videos is fairly short making it easy to follow along without ever feeling overwhelmed by having to do at each stage. John has took precious time in creating the thorough training sequence that allows you to make noticeable progress each week but without the overwhelmed.

John lays out a sequence of tasks to do each week, it really is up to you to take action and to work at the pace that suits you. So if you are short on time you can work on the following week works but just remember to do the modules in order, do skip even you feel you already know the topic.

The Partnership to Success Facebook group, is a very supportive and positive group so you will never feel alone as you embark on this 52 Journey if you decide Partnership To Success is for you.

There is also the opportunity each week to speak 1 on 1 as John provides a weekly coaching call where you can get your questions answered by John himself.

The Ultimate Goal of the Partnership To Success program is to help members create their own digital products to sell. As John guides you through the process he will reassure you that you can do it.  Please understand that the really successful marketers sell their on products as well as promoting others so if you understand this then the Partnership To Success program is exactly what your looking for.

John shows you how you can create your own products even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge in Internet Marketing. In addition, John will also promote your product to his very size-able buyers list of subscribers as well as having many other Partnership To Success members promote your new product to their list also.

So what better way than to learn to create your own digital product and have all the help and support from John and other successful Internet Marketers who have already gone before you in this program and built their own lists and making sustainable full-time income.

I will be sharing so much more information about the Partnership To Success program on my blog so if you would like to get updates on the Partnership To Success journey then sign up for Bob From Bama’s newsletters located in the sidebar you’ll know when there are new updates.

At any price the Partnership To Success program is more than worth it for the skills, mentor-ship and extensive training that is offered in this 52 weeks success training.

Don’t wait … START NOW!

If you any questions contact me, feel free to post comments below.

Success Starts With Partnership To Success!

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    • Karl G

      Hi Bob, I’ve just enrolled in Partnership to Success myself and agree 100% with what you write in this post. Looking forward to following your journey towards success!
      Karl G

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