Happy New Year everyone and thank you for visiting BobFromBama.com. This site was an inspiration from being a member Email Profits On Demand (EPOD) live training series hosted by Paul Counts and Devon Brown. During this awesome 12-weeks live series, me being from Alabama I would always say something related to Alabama Football, whether it was Roll Tide Roll or Go Bama when I got something special from the training.

During the 11th week of the training series we were talking about creating video testimonials for the completion of the course where I made a statement that not a lot of people would not like my Roll Tide shirt :). Devon told me I should “Own That” and the more I thought on it I decided to follow his recommendation and decided to Own It! Hence, BobFromBama.com was founded.

Now if you do not know who Paul Counts and Devon Brown are well other than to me being my mentors and friends here is a little Bio on each. These guys are absolutely down to earth and awesome to work with.

Paul Counts Bio:

Paul Counts is a movie producer, author, and an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best selling authors. He has created dozens of step-by-step video products that have grossed millions of dollars in sales for himself, business partners, and clients.

Counts has been generating money online since 2001 when he was 16 years old, and he has been earning a full time living online since 2005. As a senior in high school he started a SEO company for online businesses. Counts has been a serial entrepreneur his entire life when he started selling pencils in the second grade. He also was the host of his own radio show in Oklahoma that aired in 3 states called the “Count On Us Internet Profits” radio show.

He has teamed up with Eric Holmlund and Jeff Wellman to create the “Real Guys” brand, and together they have achieved Platinum status at Clickbank, have paid out over $750,000 to affiliates, and also were the number one affiliate for Clickbank’s own product launch called Clickbank University. They have shown the marketplace that being honest, open, and real is not bad!

Paul also is a business intermediary specialist and has helped sell millions of dollars in website businesses for his clients. He also actively buys and sells websites himself.

Recently he contributed to a couple of marketing books called “So What Do You Do? Volume 2″ and “Here’s How I Did It”.

He and his wife Kristen founded a production company, and they are in the middle of actively producing a feature film and a web series with more to come soon! Leveraging his proven Internet marketing practices Paul is working to bring these movies to the masses.

His specialties include product creation, list building, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, website evaluations, and traffic. He lives in the beautiful northwest across the water from Seattle with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 cats. They attend City Church in Seattle area.

Devon Brown Bio:

Devon Brown (a.k.a The Success Renegade) is one of the most talented young success coaches in the home business arena. His messages are power-packed and often filled with laughter and practical illustrations. The information he gives is simple, practical, and applicable to virtually all home business entrepreneurs. Devons Renegade Success information is helping countless MLM and Home Businesses Entrepreneurs finally achieve the success they deserve and desire.

Devon has an uncanny ability communicate in a way that makes others not only laugh, but also truly understand the message he is conveying. Its no wonder that Chicken Soup For The Soul Author, Mark Victor Hansen, said that he fully expects Devon to soon be One of the Top Ten Speakers In America.

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